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The employees at Parker Ranch are a hard-working group, loyal to Parker Ranch’s leadership role as a good steward of the land, committed to improving the quality of life in our community.  An important part of the Ranch’s enduring success and character is our people—working together as a strong team, with a sense of ownership and pride in doing the right things in the right way. With over 160 years of history, Parker Ranch is multi-generational company dedicated to preserving the past and promoting the future of our industry by leaving this place better than we found it.  That is how we define sustainability.

Parker Ranch is an important part of the history and culture of Hawai‘i, past and present. As a favorite location for many community activities, the Ranch hosts events sponsored the Boy Scouts of America, Cub Scouts, Paniolo Preservation Society, Rotary Club, and many more.  Our historic July 4th Horse Races and Rodeo is a  wonderful community event that highlights great competition in horse races, double mugging, the unique-to-Hawai‘i Po‘o Wai U, and many more.  Our Parker Ranch Round-Up Club Labor Day Rodeo raises funds for scholarships for Parker Ranch employee children.

Parker Ranch is an active sponsor of the Hawai‘i High School Rodeo Association which has sent many island children to the mainland to compete on a national level in the sport of Rodeo.  The Ranch also is a proud sponsor for the Paniolo Hall of Fame which honors individuals for their contribution to the Paniolo heritage and for participating in the ranching industry.

Most significantly, the Parker Ranch Foundation Trust serves the education and health needs of the community, with four beneficiaries:  North Hawai‘i Community Hospital, Parker School Trust Corporation, Hawai‘i Preparatory Academy, and Hawai‘i Community Foundation.

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