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Waimea Town


Parker Ranch – More than a Ranch, A Legacy.

Paniolo Cattle Company is Parker Ranch’s local grass-fed beef program, which launched statewide in 2013-2014. “Paniolo” harkens back to an era where King Kamehameha III brought over Mexican Vaquero to share their knowledge of riding and roping.

Since then, the Ranch has welcomed paniolo from diverse ethnic backgrounds. We are proud of our paniolo heritage and celebrate the various cultural origins of ranching from around the world, which helped to form the roots of many communities like ours in Waimea. In our unique, 173-year history, through many changes and several governments, we have not only survived, but continue to thrive and contribute to our community’s health, education and success.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our television media strategy to promote Paniolo Cattle Company, available to consumers at ALL SAFEWAY STORES across the Islands. We hope you enjoy the two TV spots we produced, as well as the beef! The images portray the emerald green hills and pastures surrounding Waimea where our cattle are raised and our paniolo continue to steward the land. Mahalo to Deedee Keakealani Bertlemann and Shane Hoopai for their input in creating these TV spots.

Parker Ranch and Kamuela Hardwoods Announce New Company Focused on Sustainably Sourced Specialty Hardwoods

Kamuela Hardwoods and Parker Ranch announced today that they have entered into an agreement to jointly create a new company aimed at milling, processing and marketing sustainably sourced specialty hardwoods and salvaged timber, which will also prioritize the availability of wood to local businesses, craftspeople, artisans and musical instrument makers.

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Parker Ranch Launches RFP for Housing Developments in Waimea Town Center

Parker Ranch has launched a request for proposals (RFP) for housing developments in its Waimea Town Center project area. Over the next several months, Parker Ranch will seek bids from qualified real estate developers and development teams interested in select land parcel offerings in Waimea Town Center.

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Parker Ranch explores reforestation opportunities on pasture lands to improve resiliency and sustainability through strategic partnerships

Parker Ranch recognizes that climate change is very real and affecting the planet. Unprecedented weather extremes have devastated countless regions around the globe. Forests have a critical role to play in addressing climate change. Parker Ranch recognizes forest health as a key indicator of overall ecosystem health. As a result, the Ranch is announcing that it is seeking to collaborate with public and private partners to explore synergies in reforestation and conservation on its lands.

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Mayor Biangardi Presents Parker Ranch Heir Associates Award

Congratulations, Parker Ranch team! Parker Ranch has been acknowledged by Heir Associates, for continuing to serve the community and going above and beyond even during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Honolulu Mayor Biangardi presented this award yesterday, which included the other honorees: Liliuokalani Trust, Hawaii Pacific Health, and the University of Hawai’i Foundation. We are both proud and humbled to be recognized like this, as we continue our ranch legacy of service.

Parker Ranch and Ulupono Initiative Announce Opening of Statewide Partnership Opportunities for Paniolo Cattle Company Supply

KAMUELA, Hawaii, Jan. 15, 2021 — Paniolo Cattle Company, one of the largest local grass-fed beef programs in the state of Hawaii, will explore diversifying the supply of cattle to include ranchers on each island to supply stores within their on-island communities. This effort will help bolster food security infrastructure statewide, which is of particular importance given pandemic-disrupted food distribution networks, while also minimizing environmental impact from and reliance on interisland transportation.

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Parker Ranch to Build New Homes for Cowboy Housing in 2021-2022

Parker Ranch has announced that it will build new housing for working cowboys in its Livestock Division over the next two years. The 10-12 new homes will replace much older homes, far beyond their useful lives. This decision was based on compelling results generated by ranching operations over the last several years, and its commitment to ranching in Hawai‘i.

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