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A New Strategy for Parker Ranch

StrategyThe new strategy developed by the management team in 2013 will focus on emerging opportunities for Parker Ranch as a large landowner on the resource-rich Big Island of Hawai‘i, as well as innovative ways to leverage the existing assets and businesses owned and operated by the Ranch.

Specifically, the Ranch will focus its efforts around three major strategic themes:

  1. Energy – We will strategically deploy our natural energy resources in support of a sustainable future for Parker Ranch, its beneficiaries, the community of Waimea, and the Big Island of Hawaii.
  2. Agriculture – We will actively seek to expand capacity and sustainability of local food systems through local beef cattle and other diversified large-scale land uses in areas such commercial agriculture, biomass production, and specialized forestry alternatives.
  3. Community Development – We will preserve and improve Waimea’s unique quality of life and lifestyle for its current and future residents. With thoughtful planning and targeted investment in infrastructure, our community development plans should maximize the value of town center lands for future generations.

The management team has also formulated a set of key priorities within each strategic theme that will leverage the core assets of the Ranch to capitalize on opportunities to create value, as well as benefit the distinctive quality of life in the community of Waimea.

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