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Waimea‘Ike au i ka nani o Waimea e
Kipu’upu’u nani makani pahili
ke anu ha’ukeke e

Waimea, he nani nani wale e

I see the beauty of Waimea
beautiful kipu’upu’u, strong cyclonic winds
and the shivering cold

Waimea, just a beauty
(Ke Anu O Waimea, Kuana Torres)

High above sun-drenched beaches and vast black lava fields, between the mountain shoulders of Kohala and Mauna Kea lies a green, rolling country where the cold misty rains blow on swirling winds.  Here, where water is plentiful and forests grow tall in the hills, is the heart of Parker Ranch.

Waimea TownIn times past, Waimea was home to a large community of farmers, feather-gatherers, hunters and others who made their livelihood from the land and its creatures. As village grew into town, Waimea expanded along with the Ranch–adding schools, shops, restaurants and businesses to enhance the paniolo lifestyle and attract new villagers from around the world.

Throughout the winds of change–the impact of World War II, the ups and downs of history and economy, Waimea has become today a growing,  thriving community. Home to educators, medical professionals, astronomers and executives, side by side with ranchers and farmers, working families and keepers of the culture.

Overall, Waimea remains rooted deep in the rich soil, solid in its sense of self and sense of place.  Just a beauty.


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