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Investing in Our Community

As part of our strategic plan, we adopted a goal of “investing in Waimea” – the hometown of Parker Ranch. Two examples of this strategy are our investments in Kamuela Hardwoods and Waimea Butcher Shop.

Both were existing businesses based in Waimea. In each case, we could bring both businesses product, both wood and beef, as well as financial resources to the table, enabling the businesses to grow and secure a steady source of raw material.

Alex and Josh started Kamuela Hardwoods over 15 years ago. The business relied heavily on a broad array of wood sources, primarily on reclaimed or salvaged wood. Parker Ranch was able to help them relocate both their milling operation and retail showroom to sites on Parker Ranch which provided significant room for expansion. We are also able to provide them with a steady volume of different wood species from stands on Parker Ranch. Finally, we were able to make a capital investment to substantially increase the processing capacity of the company. The result is a stronger organization with more production capacity and more jobs in our community. In addition, a major share of the economics flowing back to Parker Ranch is invested back into the forest.

Mills founded Waimea Butcher Shop nearly 10 years ago. He had built a strong loyal customer base seeking “only local’ products. He also had built a solid set of relationships with local ranches and other producers of local food. At times, however, it could be challenging for Mills to have access to a consistent volume of high quality local beef. Parker Ranch invested in Waimea Butcher Shop and directed a portion of our local grass-fed beef production to Mills and his team of butchers. Waimea Butcher Shop specializes in dry-aged beef and offering a variety of cuts including the more popular ribeyes and NY strips, but also the especially coveted cuts like the bavette and picanha. Parker Ranch believes in the importance of small businesses thriving in our community. Investing in our community is one way for us to support its well-being and ensure its sustainability.

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