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Once a way to put food on the table (or in the imu), hunting on Parker Ranch is still an exciting sport that offers year-round opportunities in a wide range of scenic areas, from sea level to an 8,000-foot elevation. Featured in national magazines such as Sports Afield, Gray’s Sporting Journal, and Outdoor Life, as well as on ESPN TV and the Outdoor Channel, Parker Ranch’s program has a 98% success rate, and is game-managed for trophy quality.

Big game species include Spanish and Hawaiian Ibex goats, and the Polynesian boar—which can weigh up to 150 lbs with 4-6” tusks. In addition, 13 species of upland game birds are plentiful, and with specially-trained dogs, hunters can go for wild turkeys, blue and ringneck pheasant, francolin, chukar partridge, quail, doves, Kalij, and more—sometimes all within in a single day.

Arrangements can be made for hunting licenses, guns and equipment and more. For more information or to book in person please contact Parker Ranch reservations at 1-877-885-7999, email or visit

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