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In the scenic, pastoral countryside of Waimea, Parker Ranch’s two historic homes, Puuopelu and Mana Hale still reside among the green hills and windswept pastures. Open to visitors, these beautiful homes tell the Parker family’s story through historic heirlooms, works of art, and everyday things.

Mana Hale, the two-story “saltbox” koa-wood house that John Palmer Parker built, almost ship-like with its small rooms, narrow staircase, and low ceilings, was moved from its original location to sit side by side with the more elaborate Puuopelu.

Purchased by John Parker II in 1879, the “Hawaiian Victorian” manor house served as the family home through sixth generation heir Richard Smart, who surrounded it with flower gardens and filled it with his extensive art collection, family portraits, antiques and treasures from world travels.

A self-guided tour and 20-minute video are available free of charge. Presently used as Parker Ranch Headquarters, the homes are open 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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