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Land Development

Parker Ranch is fully committed to preserving and promoting the things we all love about the Waimea community. The Ranch understands the necessity of long-term planning, responsible land management, and sustainable growth so that future generations may continue to enjoy the natural beauty and quality of life that characterizes Waimea.

Parker Ranch’s strategy for managing the land asset is focused on stewardship of the land that takes full advantage of the global economy and selected sectors of demand for land in Hawai‘i, and at the same time protecting and enhancing the exceptional natural and cultural setting found on the Ranch and in Waimea.
Parker Ranch’s vision is to be as powerful an economic engine for the Waimea area as it was under founder John Parker; a successful, sustainable, responsible business venture with staying power, committed to high standards of quality.

Waimea Town Center Plan

The Waimea Town Center Plan (formerly known as Parker Ranch 2020) provides the long-term vision for the development of Parker Ranch’s lands within the immediate Waimea area. Richard Smart recognized the influence Parker Ranch had on the future growth and character of Waimea. He foresaw that unless Ranch lands were made available, Waimea would continue to develop as a linear town, extending from Mud Lane down towards Kawaihae. He hoped the Waimea Town Center Plan would allow Waimea to maintain its “traditional village” character through the expansion of the Town Center Area.

Most recently, Parker Ranch, Inc., signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the County of Hawai‘i that will result in the development of a district park for Waimea. About 24 acres will be provided to the County Department of Parks and Recreation, which will work with the community to design a district park that will include two football/soccer fields and a youth baseball field. Plans also envision a community gymnasium, parking, and gathering areas.

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